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About Me

Two weeks after graduating from high school I joined a newly opened glass block company in New Jersey as an Office Manager.  After implementing money saving procedures and increasing efficiency, I was transferred to their Kentucky facility to do the same. After returning to Ohio a few years later, I was introduced to the owner of Fixler Corner Gardens and began helping her first with her landscaping and later with her clientele.  I thought this would be extra cash to help with my education, but realized quickly that landscape design was something I wanted to do forever.

I worked for Fixler Corner Gardens for a few years while I continued to educate myself about plants. I donated my kidney to a family member, and when I came back to work after recovery my boss had decided she no longer wanted to work in Landscaping. I was very torn. I loved the work and felt like it had helped me discover who I truly am. What would happen to these clients who had become like family? I knew I had the Administrative Skillset to run the backend of the company but was I ready?

I was very happy with the opportunity my boss had given me. I also felt like this would be a great learning experience for me to grow as an entrepreneur and try out new things. With my beliefs firm, and my first handful of customers I decided to go forward and start Humble Gardens LLC. After 7 years I averaged over 50 clients a season, spread out into the top affluent neighborhoods throughout Medina County and surrounding areas. As a result, the business flourished and I was able to make a living off it.

Main Skills

Including but not limited to....

Informative and Professional
Client relations
Landscape Design
Bug & Disease identification and control
Annual planter design and maintenance
Employee Delegation
Knowledge of perennial, annual, and native plants
Bookkeeping – payables, receivables, payroll, data entry
Completed the Master Gardener program at 26 yrs Old


Jessica Kersey
Lead Sales Representative

Julie has been a continued customer from when we first opened up. For the past 5 years we have been able to work with each other on projects. Not only is she the hardest worker I know, she has always stayed consistent and true to what the customer requested. Her attention to detail on her jobs are always a beauty. Her constant positive energy always makes her visits here fun and exciting. Julie is a positive asset no matter where she goes.
DermaMed Solutions Logo
Phil Brady

Thank you for the landscaping service on both my home and the 6 buildings of DermaMed Coatings LLC that you cared for.   With one building alone having over 160 bushes to trim along with pre-emergent , herbicide and mulch, our landscaping at all the buildings always look superb. Your keen eye for detail and your willingness to share your knowledge on our various plants was invaluable. Your suggestions for our maintenance group will be greatly missed.

Thank you for the many years of service and knowledge that you so easily shared with us. Humble Gardens will be greatly missed, and my hope is for your great success in the coming years.
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Pat O’Sullivan

We are residents of The Reserve/Timbers II in Medina, Ohio. We have known Julianne Kava and her business, Humble Gardens, from the timeJulianne started her business. We had enlisted her help in our garden and area surrounding our home prior to her beginning HumbleGardens. It was evident Julianne had a passion for planting and garden design. She even allowed me to work with her in the garden always educating me on the care, feeding and organization of the plants. She also designed a beautiful scene with annuals and flowering trees on our large deck.

Julianne’s creativity and professional approach is the reason our entire development has chosen Humble Gardens both individually and as an association to take care of our yards. For years the landscaping company (grass cutting, trimming) has been followed by Humble Gardens to “clean up” and improve the overall look of each yard.

The design, knowledge and dedication Julianne always exhibits is evident every year when the weather allows us to begin planning our gardens. I personally count on her expertise in helping me with my flowering trees, bushes and mapping out both my front landscape and my deck every year.
Nobby Lewandowski Bio Picture
Norbert J. Lewandowski

This letter is being written on behalf of Reserve Park I in Medina, Ohio. I am the Managing Partner of Reserve Park I (RPI) and my office is responsible for the maintenance of the building both inside and outside. We are a 50,000 square foot building with a variety of small businesses as tenants such as doctors, lawyers, accounting firms and dentists. We originally built RPI in 1980 so the grounds and inside maintenance can sometimes be a challenge.

Several years ago Humble Gardens began maintaining our outside plants, bushes and trees. We had a landscaping company at the time, however, they did not have the expertise and the creativity to enhance the "look" of the building. Since Julianne Kava and her team have started we have received multiple compliments from tenants and visitors about how beautiful the perimeters of the building now look. Humble Garden has chosen new blooming plants, flowering trees and created a balance to the grounds which did not exist in the past.
Steve Anderson Bio Picture
Steve and Jane Anderson

It is our absolute pleasure to recommend Julianne Kava for a landscape design or project management position in the horticulture industry. We have know Julianne since we moved into our cluster home development in 2018, where her company cared for the common gardens.

Julianne’s company, Humble Gardens, was so meticulous in maintaining the garden’s in our development that we hired her to tend to our private garden.  Several homeowners in our association did likewise, and our gardens never have looked more beautiful.

Along with her talent and her knowledge of plants, Julianne has always been a joy to work with.  She has an incredible work ethic and positive attitude, and we know that she will be a beneficial addition to any organization.


2014 - Present
Humble Gardens LLC Medina Ohio logo
Sole Proprietor
  • Maintained Over 50 Clients a Season in the Most Affluent Neighborhoods in Medina
  • Maintained Relationships with Suppliers
  • Client Relations and Pre Work Planning
  • All Tasks Related to Employees (Delegation, Payroll, Scheduling, Taxes, Files)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting to Clients
  • All Labor Intensive Jobs
  • Weed Control Services
  • Mulching and Edging
  • Spring/Fall Clean-Ups
  • Garden Bed / Perennial Fertilization
  • Bug & Disease Identification and Control
  • Simplified Employee Processes with Clients and Established Best Practice Standards
  • Business Bookkeeping (Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Data entry, Taxes)
  • Annual Planter Design and Maintenance
  • Knowledge of Perennial and Native Plants
2011 - 2013
Fixler Corner Gardens - Sharon Ohio
  • Project Managed Most Accounts
  • Bed Design and Maintenance
  • Bug and Disease Identification
  • Expanded my knowledge of Perennial, Annual, and Native Plants
  • Annual Planter Design and Maintenance
2010 - 2011
Premier Glass Block - Kentucky/ INDIANA
  • Responsible for Employee Files
  • Payroll
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Customer Service
  • Keeping schedules for all employee’s
  • Data Entry
  • Maintaining Customer files
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting to owners
  • Responsible for maintaining organization throughout both
  • Indianapolis and Louisville offices
  • Helped boost moral
Jan 2010
Sep 2010
Assistant Manager
  • Responsible for completing daily report to Corporate
  • Customer Service
  • Responsible for maintaining and ordering inventory
  • Property Management
2006 - 2008
Medina glass block - Medina Ohio
Assistant Manager/Manager
  • Office manager to Erie, PA Remotely
  • Employee Payroll
  • Customer Service
  • Assisted Louisville, Indianapolis and Baltimore offices
  • Produced daily, weekly, and monthly reports to
  • Partners/Owners
  • Scheduled installers and salesmen appointments
  • Set up/Worked Local trade shows
  • Trained office personnel for three offices
  • Responsible for keeping the offices organized

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